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Superlumina II: Arabian Mare

Meet Superlumina II! She is a reworked version of my sold out sculpture Superlumina, with a different mane and tail. She is a frisky Arabian mare, leaping with a flick of her tail.

Superlumina II will be cast in white resin by Mountain View Studios. She will have steel reinforced legs and tail, with an extra heavy rod running through her left hind leg into her permanently atached base. She is detailed from the veins on her ears to the delicate wrinkles on her flexed pastern--details that barely show up in photos! Even the inside of her mouth is detailed with teeth and tongue. Superlumina II will be a 1-2 mold edition.

You may modify your Superlumina II in any way you like, but you may not cast the result.

New! Superlumina II is now $255 unpainted including USA shipping, or $290 including shipping outside the USA for orders paid in full! I've decided to offer this discount to customers who pay in full due to how much less time it requires on my end.

Superlumina II is $280 (USA)/$315 (international) for time payments.

To order using a check or money order, email me at with the subject line "SuperluminaII mailed payment". Include your full name and mailing address, as well as how many Superlumina IIs you would like to purchase. I will respond with my mailing address so that you can send your payment. Payments must be postmarked within three business days of my email confirmation or your reservation will be canceled. Please do not send payment without contacting me first, as there may not be a Superlumina II left for you!

I have set up a PayPal button to simplify ordering. If you need your SuperluminaII shipped to a different address than you have registered with PayPal, please include the correct address in the Address section.

Select shipping destination

I am accepting time payments (layaway) on Superlumina II. Standard terms are 4 monthly payments of $70 (with US shipping) or $78.75 (with international shipping). To begin time payments with standard terms simply use the PayPal button above. Other terms are possible, including extended time payments. Email me to arrange different time payment terms (minimum payments are $25 down, $40 per month). Please note that your Superlumina II is not reserved until I receive your first payment (for mailed payments, payment must be postmarked within three days). Also, please note that time payments are non-refundable.

To make a payment on your Superlumina II use the button below. You must have already started payments to use this button.

Shipping location/number

Superlumina II will be shipping as the resins are cast. It may take several months for your Superlumina II to arrive depending on where your order falls within the edition.









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