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Umbra: Arabian Stallion

More photos of an Umbra resin below! Click any to view much larger. Sorry about the quality of the photos--I'll try and get some better ones.

Umbra is a small traditional (1:10) scale rearing or shying Arabian stallion. He stands 10" tall to his eartip.

Umbra is pictured cast in white resin by Mountain View Studios. He's loaded with details and is just too much fun! Umbra will come with a steel base and will have a strong magnet in his left hind hoof, allowing him to stand on steel surfaces (anything that a magnet will stick to), as well as a smaller magnet in his right hind hoof to ensure that he stands firmly. He is hollow cast in resin by Mountain View Studios with steel reinforcement in his legs and tail. His first mold has been made and resins will begin shipping soon. He's pictured on the first prototype copy of his base. The final bases will be powder coated black.

You may modify your Umbra in any way you like, but you may not cast the result.

Umbra was available for a limited number of pre-orders, which are sold out. These pre-orders will ship first, followed by other orders in order as they are paid in full. If many orders come in at once it may be a long time before your Umbra is ready to ship.

Umbra is priced at $230 plus shipping and handling ($15 within the USA or $45 outside the USA) for payments made in full. Umbra is $250 plus shipping and handling for orders made using time payments (layaway). This price will be valid until May 17. At that time, I plan to raise Umbra's price by $20.

Umbra is a semi-open edition. His price will increase at regular intervals until I decide to close his edition.

Time payments: Please read this carefully if you would like to purchase an Umbra on time payments: Umbra is $250 plus shipping and handling for orders placed and payments started on or before May 17, 2014 using time payments (layaway). The higher price is due to the much greater time investment required on my part--I'm happy to be able to offer time payments, but they do take a lot of additional time for me! Models purchased on time payments enter the shipping queue when they are paid in full. This means that if you begin payments now and take four months to make your final payment, someone who paid in full for an Umbra the day before you pay off your Umbra will receive theirs first. Please note that time payments are non-refundable. In the event that you do not complete your time payments, they will be forfeit after 6 months without contact. My standard time payment terms are four monthly payments. You can use the button below to make your first payment. You are always welcome to pay your horse off early, and it's not necessary to make the payment on exactly the same day each month--just please let me know if you plan to take more than two months in between payments. If you need other time payment arrangements, just email me at and we can arrange something!

Umbra's edition is now closed!



  Use the button below to make time payments 2-4 on Umbra. Please note that you must have already purchased an Umbra to use this button.

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