My finish work books are currently closed. I hope to reopen them in May-June.

I work in mixed media, mainly airbrushed and handpainted acrylics, and colored pencil, but also including pure pigments and pastels.

As artwork is my full-time job, I am usually able to complete commissions in a timely manner. When you contact me for a quote I will give you an estimate of when your piece will be finished.

Please visit my Facebook page to see my latest work!

Below are some of my older works. Again, the latest and greatest is up on Facebook and will eventually be here once I manage to make pages for them!

Please click on any of the above images to go to that horse's page.

Complex colors will be charged an additional fee. "Complex" includes appaloosa or pinto patterns (above knee/hock and beyond the face), dappled or fleabitten greys, and roans. This additional fee varies depending on the pattern, but generally starts at $50 for a small Appaloosa blanket to $300+ for a heavily dappled grey. I am happy to paint portrait models, and there is no additional charge at this time for this service. I do ask that for maximum accuracy you include hard copies of photos of the horse with your unpainted model--this ensures that color matching is as accurate as possible! If you can't send hard copies, I will do my best with whatever you can send me. The more photos you send, the better!

Pricelist--please contact me for an exact quote! These prices do not include prepping, which runs $15 (for most micro minis) to $50 (for "normal"/clean cast traditional resins) to $100+ (very poor castings, pieces that need a lot of rework to be acceptable to paint).

Scale "Basic" "Complex"
Traditional (1:9) $400 $450-1000+
Classic (1:12) $325 $350+
SM/LB (1:32-1:24) $150-180 $180+
MM (1:64) $85 $85+






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