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Update NOVEMBER 2017

These pewter micro minis were my original "artist resin" releases and were all done in 2012 or before. This page is an archive of many of the micro minis I released in pewter; unfortunately the supplier for my pewter castings is no longer available and therefore I have no plans to do additional pewter pieces at this time. None of these pieces are in production at this time and there are no plans to have more cast. As I sort old product I may find a few that can be sold but those will be made available at Breyerfest if any are found. There are no plans for this page to have active sales in the future.

I have been releasing a brand new micro mini sculpture every month, through "Maggie's Monthly Micro Mini". Please visit the page for this fun subscription service if you're interested in receiving a micro mini every month!

Discontinued Micro Minis

This is not a complete listing of all the micro minis I have sculpted
5034 Dora $20 Discontinued
5030-Friesian Stallion Galloping Friesian Stallion $20 Discontinued
5032 Friesian Foal Friesian Foal $10 Discontinued
5013 Galloping Arabian Galloping Arabian $20 Discontinued
5024 Kladruber Kladruber $20 Discontinued
5025 Grant Grant $20 Discontinued
5036-Amber Amber $20 Discontinued
5006-Marco Marco $20 Discontinued
5031-Friesian Mare Galloping Friesian mare $20 Discontinued
5005 Arabian Mare Arabian Mare $20 Discontinued
5017 Paso Fino Paso Fino $20 Discontinued
5028 Zwicky Zwicky $20 Discontinued
5035- Belle $20 Discontinued
5011 Foal Foal $10 Discontinued
5018 Mustang Mustang $20 Discontinued
5019 Draft (no base) Galloping draft (no base) $20 Discontinued
5027 Tabitha Tabitha $20 Discontinued
5033-Sahir Sahir $20 Discontinued
5029-Spanish Norman Stallion Rearing Spanish Norman Stallion $20 Discontinued
5010 Kat Kat $20 Discontinued
5016 Jumper Mule Jumping Mule $20 Discontinued
5020 Galloping Draft with Base Galloping draft with base $20 Discontinued
5022 Andalusian (Hairy) Andalusian (Hairy) $20 Discontinued
5026 Roscoe Roscoe $20 Discontinued
 5003 Warm Blood
Warmblood $15 Discontinued
5004 Rolling Horse
Rolling Horse $15 Discontinued
5007 Akhal Teke
Akhal Teke $15 Discontinued
5008 Mare/Foal Set
Mare/Foal Set $25 Discontinued
5009 Napoleon
Napoleon $15 Discontinued
5002 Arabian Stallion Arabian Stallion $15 Discontinued
5012 Flying Mare Flying Mare $15 Discontinued
5014 Arab Mare Arab Mare $15 Discontinued
5015 Friesian Friesian $15 Discontinued
5021 American Saddlebred American Saddlebred $15 Discontinued