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Superlumina: Arabian Mare

More photos of the unpainted resin and the original sculpture below. Click on any to view (much) larger.

Meet Superlumina! Originally designed as a companion piece for Supernova, Superlumina stands out by herself, too! She is a frisky Arabian mare, leaping with a flick of her tail. Superlumina is an original sculpture, completed in Apoxie Sculpt and then produced in an edition of approximately 180 pieces.

Superlumina is cast in white resin by Mountain View Studios. She has steel reinforced legs and tail, with an extra heavy rod running through her left hind leg into her permanently atached base. She is detailed from the veins on her ears to the delicate wrinkles on her flexed pastern--details that barely show up in photos! Even the inside of her mouth is fully detailed, with teeth and tongue.

You may modify your Superlumina in any way you like, but you may not cast the result.

Superlumina is sold out.





Pictured below is the completed original sculpture. Please click on any of these photos to enlarge!





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