Tumbleweed: Traditional Scale Mustang Stallion

Tumbleweed is a traditional scale Mustang stallion sculpted by Maggie Bennett. He was inspired by the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin, and partners with Whirlwind. They represent that brief moment when two stallions meet, stomping and squealing as they size one another up. Tumbleweed could be any color--I can imagine him in a whole rainbow of options!

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Tumbleweed is filled with details, from his fuzzy ears and wind-knotted mane to his delicate capillaries and wrinkles.

Pictured here is the original sculpture in primer; you will receive an unpainted (white) resin. Tumbleweed is hollow cast by me in white resin with stainless steel reinforced legs.

You can see Amarant, the tame version of Tumbleweed, here.

You are welcome to modify your copy of Tumbleweed in any way you like; however, you may not cast or reproduce the resulting work in any form.

Tumbleweed has been discontinued and we are not accepting orders for him at this time.

Below: Whirlwind and Tumbleweed together






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