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Shah Azim

Altizar with Arabian halter

This sculpture was released as a no more than 200 piece run in artist's resin.

Shah Azim is now sold out. Thank you all so much!

I am no longer accepting finishwork commissions on Zim.

All Shah Azim resins are sold with the intent that it be finished/painted by the purchaser or another artist. No modifications to the "body" of this sculpture are allowed-only changes to Shah Azim's mane and/or tail are permitted. Please note that this restriction applies to Shah Azim only and does not necessarily apply to my other works.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me as I've worked on Zim. Particular thanks are due to Christine Krauch, Shah Azim's owner, and Bob Langrish, who took the photograph that this sculpture is based on. I'd also like to thank everyone who has critiqued Zim and put up with my constant questions! I can't name everyone because I'd be sure to miss someone, but you know who you are!

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