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Maggie's Monthly Micro Mini

For only $35 plus shipping per month (payable monthly), subscribers will receive a brand new resin micro mini every month plus a FREE special exclusive resin at the end of every 12 months. You may join any time, and will begin receiving resins with the following month's release.

The exclusive resin you receive will be the one corresponding with the calendar year in which you signed up.

This will be handled through PayPal's subscription service, which many of you are already familiar with as the automatic time payment option on some of my bigger horses.

The resins are all new original sculptures and will be available to the general public no sooner than one month after they're sent out to subscribers (they'll cost more, then, as well).

Some of the "micros" will be closer to Bantam scale...a couple of them have grown a bit in the sculpting!

I'm casting them in a strong black resin.

Update April 2017: Yes, the micros are still ongoing! I'm having way too much fun with them to stop anytime soon! I have still not managed to get enough extras cast to put them up for general sale so subscribing remains the best way to ensure that you get the newest micro minis!

Please scroll down to read my FAQ--if you still have any questions please feel free to email me!

Shipping destination

New option for international subscriptions! International subscribers may now opt to receive four annual shipments of micro minis. This saves on postage, but does mean that you will receive your horses later (the first three horses from your subscription will all ship at once, when the the third horse is released, etc). Use the button below to sign up for this option. The cost is $40/month.

Please join my mailing list when you subscribe--this will allow you to receive monthly emails with all the information about your newest resin.

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Past Monthly Micro Minis


Do I have to subscribe for a full year? What if I need to cancel?

While the only subscription offered is a continuous subscription, I understand that sometimes life gets in the way. If you need to cancel your subscription at any time you may do so. However, subscriptions that are cancelled or suspended will not be eligible for the free exclusive model until 12 consecutive monthly payments have been made.

Can you ship my models to a different address?

It's much easier for me to ship all your subscription models to the same address, however, if you need to change your address for any reason please email me at

Can I pay for a full year up front?

Yes, I offer this as an option. This is ideal if you'd like to give a subscription as a gift. There is no discount for paying for a full year in advance, and your micro minis will arrive monthly just as if you were paying monthly.

If you'd prefer to pay for an entire year's subscription (including the free bonus resin!) up front, you may do so using the button below.

Shipping destination

I just paid. When will my first horse come?

Your subscription begins the first day of the calendar month following your purchase date. Thus, if you purchased January 29, 2017, your first micro mini would arrive in February 2017 and the twelfth micro of your subscription as well as your bonus resin would arrive January 2018. If you purchased May 1, 2017, your first micro mini would arrive in June 2017.

Which resins will I get if I subscribe partway through the year?

You will receive the resin corresponding to the month following your initial subscription, and then each month after that until you cancel your subscription. You will not receive the micro minis from months previous to your subscription beginning--although those horses will be available for purchase eventually!

How much will the resins cost to non-subscribers?

Each resin will be available no sooner than one month after that sculpture ships out to subscribers. The price will be higher than the subscription price, and will generally be in the $40 range. Some pieces may be more expensive.

Will you be producing these sculptures in pewter?

I don't know. I don't have plans to produce them in pewter at this time.

Are they fragile?

Yes. The black resin I am casting these in is much stronger than the white resin commonly used to produce horses, but these are small and have thin legs. They are not toys and should be handled with care.

How is the black resin different? Can I paint it?

The black resin is harder and stronger than the standard white resin. You can prep and paint it just the same, although it is slightly more brittle due to its much greater hardness and strength.

What if my horse arrives broken?

If your horse arrives broken, please contact me immediately so I can replace it.

Can I customize my micros?

Absolutely! You may modify them in any way you like. However, you may not mold, cast, or otherwise reproduce the result.

What's next month's horse?

It's a surprise! Subscribe to find out!

How are you making sure you have horses ready in time?

As I started the program, I made sure to have at least nine month's worth of horses ready. Then, I only need to sculpt one new micro a month to stay well ahead of the subscriptions!

How many subscriptions are available?

At this time there is no limit on the number of subscriptions.

Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Sure! Go for it! :-)

Is there a discount on postage if I have multiple subscriptions going to the same address?

Not at this time. If there's enough demand I can set this up, but it complicates my shipping process.

Can I get other micro minis shipped for free with my subscription horse?

No. Subscriptions will be shipping from a different location than other micro minis (pewter or resin) and therefore I cannot combine shipping in general.

Will you be making a Thoroughbred/Clydesdale/Shetland/my favorite breed?

Maybe! If you'd really like to see something you can let me know, but no promises on what will be coming.

When will this month's horses ship?

I'm going to try and ship as close to the beginning of each month as possible. Note that as of December 2016 I've found that it's closer to the last week of the month--but I'm going to try to work my way earlier! Please remember that it's just me here, doing every part of this--from sculpting to casting, cleaning resins to communication--and I try my best!






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