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Hawk: A Real Horse in Miniature

More photos of Hawk below! Click any to view much larger.

Hawk is a traditional (1:9) scale gelding. Hawk is a bit unusual: he is a 3D scan of a real, living horse, digitally adjusted, printed with a 3D printer, and cast in artist's resin for you!

Hawk is hollow cast in white resin with steel rods in his legs. The photos on this page are of a "normal" resin from the edition. I tried to maintain as much of the scan as possible, while making some adjustments to repair areas that did not come through in the scan (some parts of his face, the area under the halter which I digitally removed, the insides of his ears, and some areas directly underneath his belly) and for visual and production reasons (I resculpted his tail to give him a braided tail, since the real horse is a polo pony and the scan was lacking in detail in this area). I used other scans of the same horse as reference when rebuilding these areas and tried to keep my artistic influence as minimal as possible.

You may modify your Hawk in any way you like. If you would like to cast the result you must contact me for licensing information and fees.

Hawk is priced at $195 plus shipping and handling for payments made in full. PayPal will automatically calculate the shipping for you. Hawk is currently in between molds and there will be a delay before shipping.

Payment in full:
To order a Hawk and pay in full, use the button at right. If PayPal offers you "Bill Me Later" you are welcome to use it. Please remember that this piece is being cast and there will be a delay prior to shipping. If you need your Hawk shipped to a different address than you have registered with PayPal, please include the correct address in the address section or in the Notes section. You may also pay with check or money order--just email me to do so.



Time payments: Please read this carefully if you would like to purchase a Hawk on time payments

Models purchased on time payments enter the shipping queue when they are paid in full. This means that if you begin payments now and take four months to make your final payment, someone who paid in full for a Hawk the day before you pay off your Hawk will receive theirs first. Depending on how many orders come in, it may take a significant amount of time to receive your Hawk. Please note that time payments are non-refundable. In the event that you do not complete your time payments, they will be forfeit after 6 months without contact. Shipping has already been included in the calculations for the time payment buttons below, so it's important that you choose the appropriate destination for your Hawk.

Scheduled time payments/subscription service:
Hawk is $205 plus s/h for scheduled/subscription time payments. Each payment will be automatically deducted monthly by PayPal--no need to worry about missing a payment! You can use the button at right to make 6 monthly payments of $36.67 (with USA shipping) or $43.33 (shipping outside the USA). Please read the PayPal terms for these carefully, as I do not control when payments are deducted. You may cancel the subscription at any time and make remaining payments manually.

Manual time payments:
Hawk is $220 plus shipping and handling for orders using self-scheduled time payments (layaway). The higher price is due to the much greater time investment required on my part--I'm happy to be able to offer time payments, but they do take a lot of additional time for me! My standard time payment terms are four monthly payments of $58.75 (USA shipping) or $68.75 (international shipping). You are always welcome to pay your horse off early, and it's not necessary to make the payment on exactly the same day each month--just please let me know if you plan to take more than two months in between payments. You can use the button at right to start your time payments.
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Use the button to the right to make time payments 2-4.
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If you need other time payment arrangements, just email me at and we can arrange something!



The Hawk pictured here is an unpainted, unprepped copy from the edition.

Here's a screenshot of the digital model of Hawk, complete with the real horse's coat color!





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