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Hornet: Jumping Gelding

More photos of Hornet below! Click any to view much larger.

Hornet is a traditional (1:9) scale gelding. He depicts a historical trick horse free jumping, though he could represent any number of breeds and disciplines.

Hornet is sculpted and cast by me. He's packed with accurate details, from ear tips to hooves! He has hundreds of tiny details, including tiny veins, wrinkles, and delicate texturing. His mane is roached--though you're welcome to add any sort of mane you like to yours. I used references of many different breeds while sculpting Hornet, including several Thoroughbreds and various warmbloods. Given his type, you should be able to find a breed to match any color you choose for him! The real Hornet was a chestnut sabino of indeterminate breed. You may view the series of photos that were the inspiration for this sculpture here.

Hornet is hollow cast in white resin by me. The photos on this page are of a "normal" resin from the edition. Hornet comes with a lovely two-part acrylic base made by Leslie Ann Rothhaar of Towns End Art. The base/stand breaks down into two part for ease of shipping.

You may modify your Hornet in any way you like, but you may not cast the result.

Hornet has been discontinued and we are not accepting orders for him at this time.


The Hornet pictured here is an unpainted, unprepped copy from the edition. You may also view the original sculpture on Facebook to see more details and close-up shots.





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